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3C is a dynamic and highly entrepreneurial firm with a team of professionals able to provide a range of merchant banking services of the highest quality to our clients in sectors, markets and products where we have specialist expertise.

A high priority of our firm is to maintain the collegiate working environment we have worked hard to develop and to limit any bureaucracy to a minimum. We believe that these have been important factors in the success of our firm to date.

Our core product offering comprises equity capital markets, M&A and advisory, securities & broking, asset management and property. The services offered for each of these areas are shown on the next page (Products and Services).

3C employees currently comprise core investment banking and asset management professionals, senior advisers and consultants, research analysts, corporate brokers and contracted sales professionals, settlement and administration. While most of our teams have reached critical mass for their respective businesses, we will continue to grow by hiring additional selected individuals to resource new projects and opportunities, as appropriate.

An overriding aim of our firm is to develop and sustain long-standing client relationships by offering reliable value-adding advice on a consistent basis. To achieve this, 3C’s approach has been to dedicate teams that are ideally qualified to execute specific transactions, and commit that team for the duration of the transaction process. We believe this has been an important factor that has given our firm a substantial competitive advantage in the market sectors in which we operate.



After talks with many prospective advisers over several months, including certain major names, it was 3C that came up with the structure that suited our needs and followed through with a successful placing to raise the capital to take our Company to the next level.

Richard Craven
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Money Portal