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Group Overview

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In mid 2006, 3C launched 3C Property Advisers (3CPA). 3CPA has specialist expertise in, and is primarily focused buildings and hotels) in the UK, France, Germany as well as the EU accession countries of Romania and Bulgaria.

3CPA is focused on developing the following business activities:

  • Assisting property entrepreneurs to achieve their strategic goals for their real estate portfolios;
  • Creating and managing property funds;
  • Acquisition and disposal of property assets; and
  • Creating joint ventures with partners to facilitate 3CPA’s strategy.

3CPA benefits from access to a broad range of equity and debt providers both in the UK and internationally. Equity providers consist of a combination of major international property funds and entrepreneurs, specialist property funds of financial institutions as well as family offices based in:

  • Spain;
  • Japan;
  • South Africa;
  • Ireland; and
  • UK including capital committed by 3C.
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