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Equity Research

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Identifying and hiring a specific analyst for a transaction gives us the ability to prepare high quality unbiased research in any sector. Detailed below and opposite are summary CV's for certain of our analysts and selected research reports that have been prepared across a range of sectors and business lines.

Analyst Sector Ranking/ Experience Career Firms
David Eaton Property 15 Years Schroders, BZW
David Lloyd Owen Renewable Energy 21 Years Banque Paribas, Delphi
Ian Burgess Technology 1st CSFB, BZW
John Savin Pharmaceuticals 1st Greig Middleton
Paul Woodhouse Pharmaceuticals 1st Team Merrill Lynch, Smith New Court
Miriam Shea Retail, Consumer Goods 1st JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs
David Eaton Financial Services 15 Years Schroders, BZW
Carl Krigstrom Paper & Forest Products 1st Nordea Securities, Merrill Lynch
Steve Winram Media 1st Morgan Stanley, BZW
James Elston Oil & Gas 15 Years CSFB, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
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