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Latest News

Equity Research

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To adapt to radical changes that have been enforced on the incumbent business model for the equity research product and to capitalise on the strength of our research capability, 3C adopted a model which enables us to provide the highest quality equity research in any sector for our clients.

This model continues to be used by the firm to deliver dedicated equity research which is utilised to market and execute equity capital markets and corporate broking business. To date, we have contracted and FSA regulated over 20 highly ranked European equity analysts who write specialist research, comprising company specific reports as well as technical analysis and overview sector research. Analysts have typically been contracted for research preparation on a deal-by-deal basis.

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Our relationship with 3C commenced in 2004 shortly after the Hambro group acquired the company. 3C have successfully delivered a number of transactions – both capital raising and M&A advisory - which have assisted us in becoming one of the largest timber companies in Russia.

Leo Hambro
Managing Director
Russian Timber Group Limited